As a teenager, Paul Feldman set out to become a third-generation insurance agent without giving it too much thought, but it didn’t take long for him to veer off the family path and forge his own. It was not a lack of commitment to the insurance industry, but his recognition of a profound void and the huge entrepreneurial opportunity within it.

So, in 1999, with no experience in publishing or design and with little formal education and no money, Paul developed a website dedicated to the insurance industry. quickly grew to become the industry’s No. 1 news source. Meanwhile, Paul became a self-taught marketing guru. With the addition of InsuranceNewsNet Magazine in 2008 and now four different industry-niche-specific email databases for B2B advertising, his INN brand has grown into a critical marketing empire that carriers, marketing organizations and industry professionals rely upon to recruit, sell and grow.

“If you aren’t looking at InsuranceNewsNet, how can you be relevant?”
– Larry Barton, American College

To date, InsuranceNewsNet Magazine has won 36 editorial and design awards, with Paul personally being nominated for Marketer of the Year (2012) and leading the team who was nominated for Marketing Team of the Year (2014) at the min Integrated Marketing Awards. Online and print readership continues to grow in a way not surprising for such a media powerhouse, with industry professional touch points nearing one million a month.

“In my 17 years in this industry, I have never worked with a media company that has the professionalism, intelligence, drive and even inspiration as INN”
– Chris Zuniga, President, Peak Pro Financial

While Paul’s main passion will always be the art and science of marketing, his commitment to the industry has been driving his latest projects, which include a non-profit, Americans for Annuity Protection, and two additional companies, The Center for Annuity Awareness and The Academy for Annuity Professionals.

In the insurance and financial space, Paul Feldman is a leader and a student, an innovator and a standard, and he’s a powerful ally in the progress of an industry.

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