The common denominator in everything Paul Feldman does and speaks on is growth, whether business, personal, or of the insurance and financial industry as a whole.

Paul has exemplified growth, beginning with one basic website designed to be a news source for insurance professionals and growing it into a powerhouse media empire that carriers, marketing organizations and industry professionals now rely upon for recruitment, sales, inspiration and growth.

Paul has spoken for and consulted with individuals and companies at all levels in the industry, including the DI Society and educational partnerships with Jay Abraham and Dan Kennedy. He brings to every meeting his extensive knowledge as a publisher, his passion for the industry and the people who make it great, and the rebellious fire that has made him a renowned innovator.

The following topics are each available as either a keynote speech or breakout session. Paul can also customize a program for your unique event and objectives.

Topics & Outcomes

The Precious Resource: Truths, Myths and Winning Strategies for Agent Recruitment

The actual number of independent life, health and annuity producers is frighteningly low, making them literally a precious resource. It’s hard enough for a marketing organization or broker/dealer to retain a certain number of contracted agents, let alone grow. Paul Feldman has worked intimately with hundreds of carriers, distributors, marketing organizations and broker dealers and has developed unrivaled expertise on – and unstoppable strategies for – agent recruitment.

His revealing presentation zeroes in on the industry’s enduring lies and the most challenging obstacles businesses face as they try to grow. Then he provides immediately actionable strategies to recruit and keep top producing agents. You’ll learn:

  • Exactly where and when to market to independent agents
  • What top producers are seeking from an FMO, IMO or BGA
  • The 5 biggest agent recruiting mistakes and how to avoid them
  • The secret to out-recruiting your competition
  • Best practices for agent retention

The Marketing Success Triangle: A Formula for Crafting the Perfect Campaign to Exceed Your Marketing Goals

There are three sides to the Marketing Success Triangle: Market, Message and Media. If the three aren’t used together correctly, your marketing will fail. Paul Feldman is the consummate student of marketing; it’s how he built his media empire. From his early days of educating himself from the books of marketing gurus, then himself writing all the ads for his first advertisers, to mastering the tricks of the trade (even inventing a few of his own) and running an award-winning marketing team, Paul has led thousands of massively successful campaigns. His company,, has been directly responsible for the growth and success of many top financial firms.

In this presentation, Paul shares step-by-step the exact marketing processes he uses to generate millions upon millions of revenue for his publications’ advertisers. You will learn:

  • A powerful 3-step copywriting formula you can apply to any message
  • How to identify who your target audience truly is
  • The 2 biggest marketing mistakes and how to avoid them
  • How to stay in front of – and desired by – your precise market at all times
  • The importance of timing, and how to leverage it for optimum results

Annuity Awareness 101: How to Get the Last Holdouts Onboard with this Powerful Income-for-Life Solution

America’s largest generation has just begun to retire. They are healthy, active and creative and are looking forward to enjoying their lifestyles for many years to come. Paul Feldman knows annuities are the key to making this happen. Unfortunately, while many Americans have warmed up to annuities, many others remain hung up on the stigma annuities have received over the years, and this makes producers’ jobs difficult. As founder of Americans for Annuity Protection, The Academy for Annuity Professionals and The Center for Annuity Awareness, and as a third-generation producer himself, Paul knows intimately the struggles of annuity producers – and just as intimately knows innovative strategies for you to succeed.

In this presentation, he addresses the obstacles producers face and shares how to capitalize on what can and should be a golden era of annuities. You will learn:

  • How to successfully position annuities as the anti-investment
  • The psychology behind an annuity purchase and where it fits into your presentation
  • How to differentiate annuity sales for Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y
  • The latest on the Department of Labor’s attempt to restrict annuity sales
  • 3 essential marketing strategies every annuity producer must implement immediately

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