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How to Generate More Leads, Win More Business and Create an Everlasting Brand

create-everlasting-brandIf you want to attract more business and grow your existing relationships, I suggest you pay close attention to this month’s issue. While we are going to cover a lot of great strategies, the one you should be paying closest attention to, “Content Marketing” (CM), is perhaps the biggest needle mover for your business and market position.

If you are familiar with Content Marketing and think you can skip this part, don’t (because it’s too important). If you’re not familiar with CM or think it’s a fad, it’s NOT. The overall concept has been around for decades (if not centuries) and has been proven to be effective. In the past few years we have tracked thousands of campaigns, and the most successful ones all had an element of content marketing.

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The Rule of Something

the-rule-of-something-appleThey say that half of a loaf of bread is better than no bread at all, and the same is true for your marketing. All too often companies struggle with a sea of options to create the perfect marketing message and to find the perfect platform.

When Apple introduced the Macintosh in 1984, they knew their product wasn’t perfect.  It didn’t have the best hardware, the greatest software, and it was really expensive at $2,495 (equivalent to $5,664 in 2015). According to Guy Kawasaki, then “Chief Evanglist” at Apple, their mantra was, “Don’t worry, be crappy, we must get our product to the market now.”

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