To grow bigger, faster and be stronger, marketing organizations must continue to attract NEW producer leads into their recruiting funnel. To create the ultimate recruiting machine, you must utilize multiple channels so you can drive a steady flow of NEW prospective agents. Since, different types of media will always produce different results and attract different types of producers, it is always wise to utilize multiple channels.

The most successful and rapidly growing organizations know they have to keep their pipeline full by continually adding new prospects, while continuing to work with current and past prospects. They know that they have to be EVERYWHERE their ideal producers are; whether it’s online, email, search engines, direct mail, or industry trade magazines. They are also fully aware that if they aren’t in front of the marketplace (and current producers), their competition is.

Don’t limit your methods of producer lead acquisition. It’s all too easy to stop one method of advertising or marketing because you find a cheaper way. Remember, if you limit yourself to the cheapest methods, you are limiting the quality and quantity of producers that you can work with. At the end of the day, if you can profit from a marketing channel, don’t stop. Not every source will be equal in cost for lead acquisition, but as long as it is profitable (even if you are breaking even), you must stick with it.

Internal lists should always be used to keep your funnel full, but relying solely on them can be harmful to your growth strategy. Repeat offenders, plate-lickers, contract collectors, webinar superstars, and other time vampires can eat away at your recruiter’s precious time, if that is all they have to focus on. Plus, there is usually a reason why it has taken someone 10 attempts or 6 years to get them contracted…

If you seek real exponential organizational growth, you must increase the numbers of new producers in your recruiting funnel by expanding the channels that you advertise and market to. It’s critical to maintain all profitable channels and methods and to always look for ways to expand the funnel.